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Automobile Dealers Accounting Software
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Buy and sell around the world effortlessly.

If you have products and services with quality and you need customers for your goods then the whole world can become your market place in virtually no time. At low cost, test the waters, spread the goodwill for your business by using shared application access. Invest more to host the application on your own domain name and hosting account or on a dedicated web server as per the requirements of your business enterprise. 

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The payment gateway
A payment gateway is a software program integrated to a merchant's website to transmit transaction data to the credit card / Net Banking acquirer for authorization and settlement. Merchants gain the ability to perform real-time credit card authorizations from a web site over the Internet. Customers can pay for purchases across the Internet through credit cards within seconds, after the gateway obtains authorization from the credit card institutions.

The shopping cart at uses the e-payment gateway at . The the shopping cart payment shall be handled on SSL Layer on the payment gateway's verisign secured server.

Payment Gateway at 'Leading Payment Gateways Integration' facilitates with Complete Payment Solution!
Payment Gateway Features
Processing and Settlement in Indian Rupees
All major credit cards processed
Direct Debit facility to ten major Bank's accounts
Verisign 128 bit security and CVM verification
No Merchant Account /Special Bank Account necessary
Cutting edge HiTech merchant accounting module
Cost-effective pricing
Quick and Convenient payout options
Checkout your online order securely. has integrated multiple Payment Gateways of leading banks to ensure 'Zero' downtime of our payment gateway services. 

This unique payment gateway is also directly integrated with on-line net banking facilities of various banks of India, allowing your customers to pay for your goods and services directly through their personal bank accounts.

The payment gateway offers  a wide bouquet of payment gateway solutions and this bouquet is growing.

Give your business the 'profit edge' with comprehensive, affordable e-commerce solutions leaving you to focus on more important issues, like new business initiatives and competitive marketing strategies.

On our e-trading web portal this payment gateway is available to the -SC Type account holders for processing payments for good sold from the shopping cart. For (S) or (D) type of accounts you can sign up for your your sub merchant account at or any such other payment gateway. We will integrate it with your web application which will reside on your own hosting account.

Online Store and Shopping Cart
Shopping Cart Function

You can set up the products in the inventory module of the web application for accounting, inventory control and online trading web application. Once you check these products they become available in the shopping cart ready to be purchased by your customer. You have to also set some other settings for you Web Application account. The application is jointly hosted on domains and, the later dealing exclusively with accounts.

Offer the products on the shopping cart in any currency
You may represent your product pricing in any currency. At the end of the transaction when your customer has to check-out to the payment option page, we require that the payment amount is in INR equivalent only. This is because we do not process the final payment in any other currency but INR. The currency conversion rate must be specified by you for the conversion of payment amount from your currency to INR (Indian Rupees).

Shipping and Handling Charges
You can specify in which countries you will sell your goods. You can also setup the shipping and handling charges for each country as per the weight slabs. After selecting the products in the shopping cart the customer and the custom must select country for adding the shipping and handling charge to the sub total. If shipping is not available to that country the user shall be returned to the shopping cart with such products marked out.

Credit card Number Authorization by ICICI's Payseal and Citibank secure gateways
All your customers' credit card Authorization is done using ICICI's E-Payments and Citibank High End Secure Payment Gateways. Your customers enter all their personal information and credit card details on ICICI's E-Payments (Payseal) and Citibank's secure servers and the same is encrypted before it is transmitted over the Internet to the Acquiring Banks. Additionally he payment gateway's server is behind security firewalls to ensure maximum protection of your customer's information. This guarantees that your information is inaccessible to any third party. uses industry-standard SSL (Standard Sockets Layer) Technology, which is used worldwide, for this data encryption.

Transaction Discount Rate
Current transaction discount rate is 7.5%. That means if you sell goods worth Rs. 100/- though the shopping cart you shall be paid an amount of 92.50 after deducting the TDR amount of Rs. 7.50. However, all of this amount is kept by the payment gateway and we at do not keep any of your earnings other than the above amount for payment to the payment gateway. The monthly charges for the web application are applicable as per the type of account selected by you at

Successful Transaction Intimation by email

Once the transaction is successfully completed the payment gateway will notify, who in turn will notify the merchant (you) and your customer (buyer). In case of bogus form submissions the admin shall be informed by email of such attempts.

Delivery of Goods

You will make delivery of the goods to the customer at the address given by him within a period of 12 days. You must Certify Delivery of Goods and Capture payment at your account at to complete the process.

Certify Delivery of Goods and Capture payment

Please understand the way in which the credit card payment processes work. As you may already be knowing, once a transaction of say Rs. 10,000/- comes from your shopping cart and is forwarded to the gateway and authorized in real time, it means that the amount of Rs. 10,000/- is blocked from your customer's credit card limit for a period of 13 days. For eg. If you customer's credit card has a credit limit of Rs. 40,000/-, Rs. 10,000 will be blocked for your transaction for a period of 13 days from the time of the transaction from your site. Your customer after doing the transaction from your site, will have only a credit card limit of Rs. 30,000/- left. This Rs. 10,000 that is blocked for 13 days will not be reflected in his credit card statement until and unless you capture the order from your account at

You must Certify Delivery of Goods and Capture payment and after you capture the order will
a) The debit of Rs. 10,000/- be reflected in your customer's credit card statement and
b) The order amount less the transaction discount be credited to your account at

Therefore it is imperative that you ship the order within 12 days and capture the amounts from . If your business model requires that you capture the amount before you actually ship the order and your customer is agreeable to the same, then you may do so. If you do not capture within 12 days, the transaction automatically evaporates from the payment gateway system on the 13th day and the credit card limit of Rs. 40,000/- is restored to your customer's credit card. You cannot block your customer's card forever. This facility helps Merchants in a way that if they want to cancel or do partial capture within 12 days of the receipt of the order, then they do not have to pay any cancellation charges of 5% on the cancelled amounts. Before the introduction of this facility, merchants had to pay cancellation charges for orders they could not fulfill. Please note that in cases where the has selected the net banking option for payment the transaction amount in case of a successful transaction is immediately debited from his account.

The steps to be followed 'Certify Delivery of Goods and Capture payment' are as outlined below:

STEP 1: Click on the 'Pending Orders' link.
STEP 2: Select the orders you wish to view the details of click the 'View Selected Orders' button.
STEP 3: For each order you will be capturing select the Delivery Mode from the dropdown menu of delivery options, enter the Delivery Details in the box provided and select the 'shipped / Executed' radio button.
STEP 4: Click on the 'Update Orders' button.

Note: In case an order paid through credit cards is cancelled within the 12 day period of capture then transaction charges will not be applied to that order. However in case of transactions paid using the net banking option the TDR will still be applicable as the cancellation of that order amounts to a refund.

Payment Processing Rules
How can I check the amount payable to me by
To confirm your current balance payable, log in to your account by using your user name and password. On the screen that follows, click 'View Account Statement' option.

How often will I receive my payouts?
The Payment gateway at settles payments on a weekly basis. Once we receive these payments these shall be credited to you immediately. Once the net payables in your account at exceed Rs.1000/-, we will issue regular cheques for all amounts over & above of Rs.1000/- according to our weekly payment scedule. That is, for the transactions shipped/executed by you till Thursday, you will be paid on the following Monday.

Your cheques will be couriered every Friday evening via EMS and the dispatch details of the same will be emailed to you the following Monday.

Alternatively, if you have an account in any of the banks listed below, you cheques can be directly deposited to your account with same being reflected the next day List of banks: 

Payment to account holder

a) Payments on Proof of Delivery
The Master Merchant agrees to pay the Sub Merchant the Customer Charge less the Transaction Discount Rate for all Products / Services sold on the Internet subject to the proof of Delivery being submitted to the Master Merchant and all inquiries, disputes, and refunds processed on account of Sub Merchant's Customer Charges during the period.

b) Rejection of Payment
The Master Merchant, the Facility Providers and the Acquiring Banks may reject payment in respect of Orders where:
i) The Sub Merchant has not obtained a necessary authorization under Section 5 or Master Merchant, the Facility Providers and the Acquiring Banks are entitled to reject payment in terms of Section 13 hereof;
ii) Any Order which the Customer refuses to pay because the Product / Service was not as promised or was defective or was not delivered;
iii) The card-issuing bank advises that the credit card number does not match any number on file;
iv) Payment in respect of the Order or the relevant installment of the purchase price has already been made;
v) The Order was placed more than 12 calendar days prior to the date of claim in respect thereof.

Maintain minimum balance in Account.
You need to maintain a minimum balance of Rs 1000/- in your online Account. This is payable to you at the time of closing of your account. However, you do not have to pay this in advance and it will be retained from the payments you receive.

Adherence to Law

You should be aware of the existing laws in force and adhere to them in India and/or your country and the country where you intend to sell your goods. is just providing the platform you to you trade your goods and you are responsible for maintaining the merchantibility and legitimacy of the goods being sold by you from the shopping cart and the sales transaction and any complaints from the customer about the goods or from any one else must be attended by you in satisfactory manner. Strictly no contra-band, fraudulent, pornographic or illegal items can be sold through the shopping cart at Also no bogus businesses may use these services. All offending accounts shall be deleted on sight without any refunds with follow up actions where necessary. Please indicate the business details and the goods you are going to sell at the time of SignUp.

Fraud Prevention and Charge back
Secure Payment Service Providers

The payment gateway at uses secure servers throughout. The payment gateway adopts stringent security measures to ensure that critically sensitive information, such as your customer's personal information, is protected. For ultimate data security he payment gateway follows the policy of making end customers place their credit card numbers and bank account details directly onto the secure web pages provided on and and the various Net Banking interfaces.

Authorization by ICICI's Payseal and Citibank secure gateways
All your customers' credit card Authorization is done using ICICI's E-Payments and Citibank High End Secure Payment Gateways. Your customers enter all their personal information and credit card details on ICICI's E-Payments(Payseal) and Citibank's secure servers and the same is encrypted before it is transmitted over the Internet to the Acquiring Banks. Additionally he payment gateway's server is behind security firewalls to ensure maximum protection of your customer's information. This guarantees that your information is inaccessible to any third party. uses industry-standard SSL (Standard Sockets Layer) Technology, which is used worldwide, for this data encryption.

Authentication by Verisign
The payment gateway is registered with Verisign, the world's best and most trust worthy Net Authentication Agency, We also follow strict in-house security guidelines for ensuring confidentiality of customer information. Since the Payment Gateway application software is maintained at ICICI's E-Payments and Citibank's secure high-end servers, new payment technologies, standards and features are automatically implemented as they emerge. Citibank's and ICICI's E-Payments payment gateway is integrated with risk management component, which empowers them with the ability to control risk effectively. So, without changing your interface, you get the benefits of the latest technologies, which allows you to stay ahead in the rapidly changing landscape of E-commerce.

Level of encryption does use?

The payment gateway uses the most powerful Verisign secure socket layer (SSL) for encrypting customer data during transmission. To put this into non-technical terms, it would take 340,000,000,000 years for today's fastest computers to crack Verisign SSL.

Refund and End Customer Dispute Policy

The payment gateway and ourselves maintain a customer-friendly refund policy. This keeps our administrative costs under control in two ways: First, it reduces the amount of time spent researching customer inquiries; and secondly, it reduces the occurrence of charge-back disputes. (A charge-back dispute is a refund that is forced by the customer's credit card company.)

Granting Refund to customer:- In most situations when a customer asks for a refund, we want to try our best to grant that refund. Here are some guidelines on our refund and dispute policies: The Seller sets a time limit: The sub-merchant is required to set the refund time limit on his/her site depending on the goods sold on his/her site. If a customer is dissatisfied with a product that he/she has ordered, the client should accept the product back and grant a refund. If desired, a client may specify that shipping charges are not refundable; however we would prefer to refund the shipping charges as well.

Credit card charge-back policy

A refund that is forced by a credit cardholder's credit card company is known as charge back. This occurs when a cardholder decides to formally dispute a charge on his/her credit card bill, usually because someone else fraudulently used that card number. Credit Cards Permit Charge-backs As per VISA & MASTERCARD rules any online transaction can/may also be revoked or refuted by a customer to a Sub Merchant via his card-issuing bank for the following reasons. This is allowable for up to 6 months from date of the transaction.

a) The Sub Merchant has not shipped the goods or delivered the promised service.
b) The Sub Merchant has taken back the goods /cancelled the services but not yet issued a refund on the credit card.
c) The cardholder's credit card has been fraudulently used by someone else to procure goods and services - without knowledge or prior agreement of the cardholder.'s payment gateway service provider's, ICICI Bank and Citibank, have state-of-the-art fraud screening capabilities to reduce risks. However, if any charge-back is reported by the cardholder, you (sub-merchant) will be liable to pay the amount back to or it will be adjusted with the current balance of your account with; or you will be liable to refund back the disputed amount back to Please note that this practice is universal and is followed by all payment gateway service providers the world over. has also an in-house team, which will screen all the transactions. Please see the section on fraud reduction tips for more information.

In cases which prima facie look fraudulent, the same will be referred back to payment gateway for a further thorough authorization and if it is still authorized then will forward the transaction to the Sub Merchant so as to enable him/her to use his/her judgment whether or not he wants to execute the order or not. The charge-back disputes are normally less than 1% of the total transactions in a year.

a) Sub Merchant should keep complete proof of goods being shipped. This could be in the form of a Courier consignment note or Receipt from the final consignee.
c) The Sub Merchant can prove that the customer was informed in advance about refunds / return of goods for replacement faulty goods.


Fraudulent use of a credit card on the Internet is always at the risk of the Sub Merchant.
Sub Merchants should keep an internal benchmark for the level of transaction for which he will take a risk, without asking for additional documentation from a customer.

The Shopping cart at

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